Find and follow your Twitter friends on Mastodon

How Twitodon Works

Click the buttons below to give Twitodon access to your Twitter and Mastodon accounts. Don't worry, we won't be able to see your passwords - we use a secure, open standard called OAuth that provides a safe way for 3rd parties like Twitodon access to website information without divulging user passwords.

Twitodon will scan your Twitter "following" list, checking to see if any of those accounts have also used this service. If they have used this service they will have linked their Twitter account to their Mastodon account, and you'll get their Mastodon information in a nice file that you can upload.

Unfortunately, there is no way of matching Twitter accounts to Mastodon accounts unless they have logged into Twitodon previously. Because of this, we recommended you check back with us regularly to keep up-to-date as more people join the fediverse.

Information about how your data is handled is available in the Privacy Policy.

Get Started

Step 1. Sign in with Twitter.

Step 2. Sign in with Mastodon by entering your Mastodon host's web address:

We have scanned 0 of 0 users you follow on Twitter and discovered 0 Twitter users on Mastodon who have previously linked their Twitter and Mastodon accounts.

Step 3. Download matching users in CSV format to import into your Mastodon account.

Step 4 (optional). Revoke our access to Twitter and Mastodon.

Step 5.

Finally, import the CSV into your Mastodon account:
  1. Navigate to your Mastodon instance's import page:

  2. Click the browse button and select the file new_mastodon_follows.csv, that you downloaded from Twitodon.
  3. Ensure that "Merge" is selected as the chosen strategy or you'll unfollow anyone that isn't in your CSV file.
  4. Finally click the Upload button. This will upload your CSV and put it into a queue. Your Mastodon server will process it over the next few hours to a couple of days.
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